ASICS/Alexander Invitational

This past weekend the Alpharetta Cross Country team raced at the competitive ASICS/Alexander Invitational. The Varsity girls and Varsity boys both placed 4th in the 6A/7A race. While the JV girls placed 1st. They were led by medalists Emily Cummings, Kiley Bender, Sarah Lopez, Kathryn Fatzyntz, and Izzy Neely. On this one loop course, runners raced the last 800m up the famous movie hill, Wakanda Hill, steepness very similar to our Raider Hill. Next race is in two weeks at Coach Wood!

Raider PR's: Libby Glasevok, Cole Adkisson, and Sarah Lopez.

Sarah Lopez (Fresh.), Izzy Neely (Soph.), Kathryn Fatzyntz (Soph.) with there medals from the JV 6A-7A Girl's Race.

Captain, Jack Brown (Jr.)

JV Boys huddled before the 6A-7A JV Boy's Race

JV Girl's getting serious and focused for their race. 1st place in JV 6A-7A Girl's Race!

Tyler Neal (Fresh.) surging up the hills.

Roshan Alex (Fresh.) surging to begin getting up the hills.

Katelyn Rager (Soph.) eyeing the finish line down.

Alpharetta JV Girl's lead the pack with a pack.

Alpharetta JV Girl's start with packing.

Bailey Roner (Soph.) and Caroline Steiger (Soph.) finishing with relief on the tough course.

Caroline Steiger (Soph.) crosses the finish line.

Spencer Etheridge (Jr.) finishing strong in his first race since Bob Blastow.