Coach Wood Invitational

On Friday, the Alpharetta Cross Country team competed in the very competitive Coach Wood Invitational.

The girls varsity finished 4th in their race with freshmen Katelyn Rager leading the way. Freshmen Kiley Bender, Daley O'Brien, Anna Kloecker and Emily Cummings were close behind.

The boys varsity finished 5th in their race with Spencer Etheridge and Grady Etheridge out front for the boys. Alex Wiklund, Alec Bessonny and Scott Rager were the next finishers.

The JV girls finished 5th in their race and were led by Berkeley Bender with Maddie Prol, Grace Fenwick and Daphne Owens close behind.

The JV boys finished 5th in their race with Chance Phillips leading the way. Freshmen Adam Singleton and freshmen Kyle Young were the next finishers.