9/19/20 Warpath Invitational

Runners of the Meet at Warpath this past weekend:

  • Katelyn Rager--For her first race, she was only 5 seconds away from beating the time goal she made at the beginning of the season. She went after it being in the second wave of the varsity heats. To amp her up, tell her she's going too slow and she will get going!

  • Monserrat Cabrera-Mora--She showed up for her first race and ran competitively and strong! She showed to everyone that she had more than just one speed gear!

  • Kate Zurinskas--For her first race of the season, she ran it in the best style possible--negative! Her first half she settled into a pace, and then the second half of the race, she went after it and started passing girls one-by-one! AND she took off 10 seconds of her PR!

  • Antonio Raimondo--He reached a PR at the first race of the season! Even with an injury bugging him some, he managed to run mentally and physically tough! Now, it's time for him to go after his season time goal!

  • Adam Singleton--For his first race, he went after it and held out mentally and physically strong! He used his stride to his advantage and will continue using it to increase speed over longer distances!

Meet Wrap-Up

On Saturday, the AHS XC team opened their season at Warpath Invitational.

The girls varsity were led by Emma Palmer who was followed by Katelyn Rager, Kate Zurinskas, Daley O'Brien, and Anna KLoecker.

The boys varsity were led by Grady and Spencer Etheridge. Alex Wiklund, Scott Rager, Alec Bessonny were other scorers.

The JV girls were led by freshman Monserrat Cabrera-Mora, and the JV boys were led by Eric Joanico.

The Raiders will be competing in the FCS Championships on Saturday.