Meets 101 & FAQ

General Information

1. How do I join the team?

Please see our Joining the Team page.

2. How long is the cross country season?

The 2021 season officially begins on August 1st and finishes at the end of October or the first weekend in November. The last regular season meet is the Region Championship in late October. The top 4 teams to place at the Region meet advance to the State Championship meet the first weekend in November.

3. Do all athletes run at the meets?

Yes, unless otherwise noted by the coaches. Meet information specific to AHS will be sent out via email a few days before each meet. General meet information can be found by clicking the MileSplit link on the team calendar.

4. How do the athletes get to the meets?

It is the team policy that athletes ride to the meets on the provided school buses. Athletes meet at the school, outside the lower gym doors.

It is expected that all athletes help load the buses with meet equipment: team tent, water coolers, etc.

5. How do athletes get home from meets?

It is the team policy that athletes ride back to school from the meets on the same school bus they took to the meet.

It is expected that all athletes help unload the meet equipment from the buses: team tent, water coolers, etc and return to their proper storage in the gym. Athletes are picked up at the school on time.

6. What is the food situation at meets?

The team provides water and limited snacks for the meets. Athletes may bring personal snacks/meals if needed.

7. What should athletes bring to meets?

Only AHS XC attire: racing singlet, racing shorts, team t-shirt, team sweatshirt, running watch (no GPS), every day running shoes, and racing spikes/flats if you have them.
After an athlete races, they are to continue wearing team attire as they representatives of the team.

Check the weather before heading to the bus. If it is chilly, wear black sweatpants over your race shorts. If it is cold, your body will expend a lot of energy trying to stay warm so be smart and dress appropriately. Save that energy for your race!

Filled water bottle, any personal snacks, EXTRA socks (always!), etc.

Spectator Information

1. Do I need tickets to watch a meet?

There is usually a cash only fee to enter a meet. Some times it is a per-person fee, sometimes it is a parking fee. We will send out the information via email.

2. How do parents & friends find the team at the meet?

The team has large black tents, which are the athlete's home base while at the meet.

Please---> Do not distract your athlete before they race. Allow them to be with their coaches and teammates to properly prepare to race. Please give a quick congratulations after their race, and let them complete a proper warm down with their teammates. All athletes are expected to cheer on teammates in each race.

3. How do I find the results after a race?

Each meet is listed on our team calendar. Click on the meet name and you will see the MileSplit link posted. You can find the results posted on the meet page.

Miscellaneous Information


Unless otherwise notified in writing, you/your child grant permission for the Alpharetta High School Cross Country Team (Team) and the Alpharetta High School Cross Country Booster Club (Booster Club) to use or publicly display you/your child’s photograph, video, audio clip, name, age, grade, school and school activities or achievements on the Team and/or Booster Club web pages, Team and/or Booster Club social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar), or in other official Team and/or Booster Club publications without further notice for any purpose deemed acceptable to the Team and/or Booster Club. You acknowledge the Team and Booster Club’s right to crop, edit, or treat the photograph, video, or audio clip of you/your child at its discretion. You also agree that your child/you will participate in any publicity activities for events sponsored by the Team and/or Booster Club. Such activities may include but are not limited to: interview sessions with third party news reporters; photographs for third party newspapers or various Team and/or Booster Club publications including newsletters, calendars, and brochures; videotaping for local and national television newscasts, cable programming, and Team and/or Booster Club promotional videos. You understand that although the Team and/or Booster Club makes efforts to only engage students in positive media activities, the Team and/or Booster Club has no control over how third party media use information from you/your child.