Joining the Team

Athlete Requirements for the 2021 Season

Being a member of the 2021 Alpharetta High School Cross Country Team is a enjoyable and rewarding experience. We are a competitive team where membership requires preparation, commitment, hard work, and a good attitude. The coaching staff is requiring all athletes to:

Athletes who are unable to meet these requirements will be cut from the team. Athletes participating in another sport or activity must complete talk with Coach Baron or Wright prior to team registration.

  • Join our team email list and coach text message list. Links are at the top of the home page of the team website

  • Keep a running log to track your training and progress. STRAVA is a free app that the coaches would like everyone to use.

So, what should I do if I want to come out and run this summer with the team?

  1. Complete ALL the forms and upload your physical to the DragonFly Maxx. You can find this under "Athletic Clearance" section.

  2. Once the forms and physical are approved by the Athletic Director, Dustin Rennespies, you may come join us for our summer running practices!

  3. Join the athlete and parent Remind text groups (on homepage of website).

  4. Join the email list by emailing Coach Baron